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Why Should Women Carry Pepper Spray

Women should carry self defense sprays for many reasons.  Personal safety is at the top of the list.  By educating yourself on your personal safety, becoming more aware, fighting back and defense moves are all things that can help you when defending yourself.

Your personal safety is of the utmost importance and should be taken seriously.  Education on self defense and learning some basic defense moves can be the difference in your survival if attacked.

Having awareness is a key factor in personal safety.  By being unaware of what's going on around you can cost your life.  For this reason awarenessis crucial in self defense.  Knowing your surroundings at all times, while parking or pulling out of parking losts, walking to and from the car, are all major areas of personal awareness capabilities.  While choosing a parking space you should look around, see if anyone is lurking, is that a van next to you with people in it, is it a dimly lit aea or is it well-lit, is it as close to the facility as possible?  These are all questions you should be asking yourself prior to parking your vehicle.  If any of these questions make you feel uncomfortable and can't all be answered to satisfy your safety needs do not park in that spot.  Find somewhere else that better suits your awareness needs.

Believe in your instincts.  Many women have a good sense about things and if you for any reason doubt or have a bad feeling about something go with your instincts.  You are not imagining things; you are most likely right in how you are feeling.

Some women prefer to take self defense classes and learn practices as martial arts or basic defense moves.  While this is good practice it's not for everyone.  Some people aren't physically ale to do this, nor are some willing to take the time, spend the money to learn such moves.  The best thing you can choose to do is carry self defense spray.

There are many to choose from, my favorite is the pepper spray keychain style.  This style when carried with your keys allows you the ability to always have it with you.  It's already in your hand and ready to go.  It takes less than two seconds to spray someone.  Point and shoot.

Escape is crucial.  Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be taken into a dimly lit area or pushed into a vehicle or trunk of a vehicle.  If this happens there's a great chance you will not make it home.  If you are being harassed by a stranger in a public place and he or she says you will be killed if you don't come with them, you need to fight back right then.  Yelling, screaming, kicking, whatever it takes to make it out of there.  This is your only chance.  The criminal most likely won't harm you while in the public eye however if they take you wherever they want to take yo that will be their opportunity to harm or kill you. 

Self defense sprays can distract the would-be attacker and prevent harm to you while in public.  By spraying them in the facial area the OC will induce nausea, choking, severe eye tearing, coughing ad possible temporary blindness.  These symptoms cause the attacker to be temporarily incapacitated.  This will allow you time to get to safety.

Pepper spray is a very important tool in self defense for women.  One should carry it on them at all times.  It's unfortunate that in today's times we cannot trust those around us anymore.  For this reason keeping yourself aware of your surroundings is a mental practice that should be followed daily.  Never let someone make unwanted physical contact with you, carry your pepper spray with you and don't be afraid to use if if needed.  Always trust your instincts and never, ever second guess yourself.