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What Attracts Burglars to your Home

What Attracts Burglars to Your Home


You certainly don’t want a burglar attracted to your home domain.  Although on a daily basis we all do.  With burglaries happening every 15 seconds across the country here are some common errors people make to invite a burglar in. 

  • Leave your doors unlocked and windows wide open.  Countless people are too trusting and tend to believe they are in a safe neighborhood.  The fact is, you are more susceptible to be burglarized in your area than those who live in not so good of an area.  Those who don’t lock their doors, they aren’t inviting burglars into their homes.  Always lock your windows and doors. 


  • Using a simple doorknob which doesn’t have any deadbolt locks.  Hire a locksmith to install deadbolts.  Deadbolt locks are safer and will make it very difficult for a burglar to enter.   Which now leads us to the next never do mistake.


  • Leave a key under the doormat?  Why don’t you just leave everything wide open in your home, this is the most obvious place anyone would look for an extra key.  Never leave a key anywhere outside your home on the property.  Burglars are very in tuned to hiding keys in these places, welcome mats, flowerpots and even those sneaky rocks that have hidden spaces.  If you are worried about getting locked out of your house and need entrance, you should invest in a combination safe that is intended for this or purchase yourself a bio-metric lock which using fingerprint technology.


  • We know conserving energy is important, however shutting off all the lights when leaving isn’t a very good idea.  The small amount of extra energy you may have incurred is well worth it compared to the amount of loss you will incur when a burglar takes away all your valuables.  Many burglars would rather you not be at home while entering your home, don’t advertise that you are out.  Leaving the television or radio on when you’re gone will make it appear as occupied.


  • Keeping your shed unlocked.  If you value all those tools and larger equipment you may be keeping in your shed lock it.  By leaving it opened it also helps the burglar gain access to tools that may help him enter your home. 


Make it hard for a burglar to enter your property.  By installing alarm systems, window and door alarms, keeping doors and windows locked, shrubs and bushes trimmed and your overall property free from conceal you are taking the right steps in your home protection plan.