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Safety Tips

We have gathered together some safety tips and articles that we feel will help you in everyday living whether it be in your Home, Apartment Dwelling, Dorm Room, while driving in your vehicle and even with the neighbor's dog!


Burglar Proof Your Home  - Tips on how you can Burglar Proof your home, criminal prevention neighborhood watch programs, lighting factors and door locks.  


Dorm Room Safety - Basic Tips on how to make your Dorm Room living a secure living.  


What Attracts Burglars to Your Home -  Learn the Common mistakes Homeowners make that allows the criminal into their homes.  


Going on Vacation Secure your home - What are some of the best strategic security decisions you can make prior to leaving for vacation?


Reducing Neighborhood CrimesStarting a neighborhood watch group can help keep criminal activity at a minimum in your area, learn how.  


Home and Apartment Crime and Safety - Common sense tips for your home and apartment living.  Learn how to make your home unattractive to the common thief.  


Car Theft - Most Popular Stolen - Prevent your vehicle from being stolen, find out which are the most tempting to take.  


Securing your ApartmentHow can you increase the security in apartment living?  Many products on the market to help you take control.  Learn how.


Quiet the Neighbors Dog - These tips can help you in taking control over the noisy animal next door.  Learn how you can.  


Why Should Women Carry Pepper Spray?  -  Carrying pepper spray can help in your defense, they are easy to use, compact and easily concealed.