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Mean Green Keychain Pepper Spray

Mean Green Keychain Pepper spray
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MEAN GREEN™” “H2OC™”— green, water-based OC formulas consisting of resin rated at 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and 20.4% Capsaicinoids, that is so purified it is virtually clear. Not even FOX LABS’ 5.3 million SHU resin used in their famous “FIVE POINT THREE™” formulas is as pure. This has enabled FOX LABS to add green dye to the formula making it distinctive from all other formulas in the marketplace. It not only maintains the legendary stopping power that all FOX LABS’ formulas are known and recognized for, but with the addition of the green color they offer the additional benefit of a deterrent that makes assailant identification much, much easier.

FOX LABS has always been about offering new and unique products that will make people safer, more efficient, and effective when using them. The logic behind this new formulaization was for civilian and police/military use. After discussing the concept for many years, we went with a higher percentage of OC in this formula because MEAN GREEN uses a water-based resin—it has no solvents in the formula to add to the "kick." It was determined that a 6% level would give the product the "perfect balance" of safety and stopping power, just like all of our other world famous formulas, while still using a lower percentage of OC in the formula than other brands. (FOX LABS has never been about marketing for the sake of marketing. If the product wasn’t superior, we would not do something like use a higher percentage of resin just so we could make the "numbers" sound good. Please refer to the "Nozzle Heat Pop UP" for more info.) This is because a higher percentage of resin can actually delay reaction time, and it certainly makes decontamination a longer process. Well, it is a no brainer that everyone wants a defense spray that can work really fast. And although some might say they don’t care about the extended decon time, we know that longer decon time opens the door for potential liability concerns, and it wastes the time of the law enforcement professionals who have to engage in it.

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