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Reducing Neighborhood Crimes

Reducing Neighborhood Crimes



  • Neighborhood Crime Watch groups are a great tool in aiding against crime in your area, everyone watches out for all neighbors.


  • Ask your local police department to come in and speak with all the neighbors.  Tell them you want to create a neighborhood watch team.  Talking about crime prevention as a neighborhood is a great way to deter crime.


  • Posting signs announcing the Neighborhood Watch Group is a deterrent to criminals.


  • Neighborhood clean up as abandoned lots, parking lots, you will find criminals may not be unlikely to strike.


  • Education is very important versus action in deterring crime.  Don’t take it upon yourselves to restrain a suspicious person or a criminal.  Call the police immediately and assist the officers by remembering pertinent information as what he/she looked like, what were they wearing, and what type of car were they driving?


  • Whoever may be doing the meeting scheduling in your neighborhood safety meetings, make sure the date and time is announced to all neighbors.  If possible try to schedule when all those involved can attend.


  • Your local police may be able to supply free flyers, literature that can help you in your group formation.


  • Remember!  You are only trying to help your local police department, not take matters into your own hands.


  • Most importantly, never try to stop a crime yourself, this may get you seriously injured or even killed.  Observe and report to the police.