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Quiet the Neighbors Dog

Quiet the Neighbor’s Dog

Dogs barking consistently can simply drive someone nuts!  Who wants to listen to that noise all day long?  I know I certainly don’t.  When dogs continue to bark it’s not good for them and it’s a trigger that something may be wrong.  Maybe it’s boredom, neglect or trouble of some sort?  So what’s the best way to calm down that annoyance? 



  1. The first remedy you can try is to leave an anonymous note for the dog owner.   There’s a chance that the dog is barking only while the owner isn’t home and he or she doesn’t realize this is happening.  Many responsible pet owners would welcome this knowledge as they probably wouldn’t want to listen to a dog barking all day long either.  Sending a polite note, and I stress polite anonymous note telling them the situation could be an easy solution.  Give it a week; see if the problem goes away. 


  1. If the problem still persists you may want to find out the ordinances in your area and send them a copy.  If you are in an apartment complex, contact your landlord for help getting this done.  By giving them these ordinances and that they are in violation of certain codes may push them harder to solve the problem.  Most cities, towns and municipalities have regulations regarding noise and nuisance—and a barking dog falls into both of these categories.


  1. If all you have done in notifications to the neighbor doesn’t solve the issue at hand then the next level would be to notify animal control.  They will visit the owner and start an investigation into the situation.  They will want to find out if the animal is neglected or abused.  If this is the case the animal will be removed from the property.

These are the best methods on resolving the issue at hand.  Don’t take matters into your own hands with the dog; don’t confront the animal especially when the owner is not present.    

Most people are willing to work out issues and not have ongoing problems with their neighbors, including problems about noise and barking dogs.  If the owners are cooperative and the problems persist, you can take contact an attorney and take further legal action.