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Home and Apartment Crime Safety

Home and Apartment Crime Safety

Front door

  • Never open the door prior to seeing who is there.  There’s no reason why you should open the door to anyone prior to knowing who is behind it.  Take a pause before opening the door to verify the visitor's identity. If you don’t know who it is you are at no obligation to open the door for them.  Never under any circumstances should you open the door to an unexpected caller who cannot provide adequate identification. If they continue to persist in demanding entrance, call the local authorities and report the situation.


  • There’s nothing wrong with requesting identification from visitors you don't know.  If you do not recognize the visitor, request they provide a photo ID to you by passing it under the door frame.  If they do not comply, do not allow them to enter and at this point you may want to call the police.


  • Have a peep hole at the very least or, if you can, a video surveillance unit to see and verify a visitor's identity. As this is a great tool, do not rely on this alone remember to ask for identification anyway.  If the visitor hides his face or avoids standing within the camera area so you can view them take serious caution.  At this point you may want to report this encounter to your police department as suspicious activity and provide all necessary details.


  • Deadbolt locks are a must for every exterior door.  If you don’t already have deadbolt locks, install each entry door in your home with a deadbolt locking mechanism. Installing a security alarm system with access panels at each entry is wise.  


While on Vacation


  • While you are away, leave interior light on.  Always leave a light on while you aren’t home, especially at night and if you plan on being away to the next day. 


  • Hiding spare keys.  Hiding a spare key under the doormat or over the door frame is the most obvious spot.  Would-be criminals will look there for sure.


  • Keep a list of all valuables. Keeping an accurate listing of your valuables including any identifying factors like serial numbers or engravings can help aid in recovering them.


  • Stop mail, newspaper deliveries while on vacation.  While going on vacation make sure you stop all deliveries to your home, set the light timers at different intervals and let someone very close to you know when you are leaving, where you are staying and when returning.   Ask a neighbor or family member to check your home frequently at irregular intervals. Make sure your lawn is taken care of during your absence.


Apartment Living


  • Intercoms working?  If your apartment complex has an intercom system, make sure it is working prior to moving in; if not make sure it is fixed and workable upon move in.  While living there make sure you report any malfunctions to the landlord and insist upon prompt repair and maintenance of the system.


  • Letting strangers into the apartment building. Never under any circumstances should you let anyone into the apartment building admit no matter what or who they say they are.  Refer them to the superintendent of the building.


  • Maintenance staff should be referred to the apartment manager.  Again don’t let anyone in the building you don’t personally know.  If a repairman or delivery person requests admittance for interior work or for another apartment tenant that is not at home, refer him to the office manager of your building.  Insist on it.


  • Unusual activity should be reported to the police. Report all suspicious persons and activity in your building to the police immediately. If you notice someone loitering or acting strangely, call the police and give as many details as possible. Practice in memorizing distinguishing physical features of those around you. Guess heights and weights and then ask friends if you were correct. Try to pay attention to eye and hair color. Take note of tattoos or scars and what they resemble as well as their location on the body. Practice by mentally recording what a person is wearing and then look away to see how many details you can recall accurately such as color, layers of clothing, glasses, and style of shoes.


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