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Going on Vacation? Secure your Home

Going On Vacation?  Secure Your Home


  • Before you go on that much needed vacation make sure you physically check and lock all windows and doors. Also, leave a key with your most trusted neighbor or family member in case they need to check on your house while you’re gone.


  • Make sure you show your house as you’re home, even though you’re not. Never announce on answering machines or door notes that you aren’t home.


  • Keep your garage door closed and secured so no one can tell your car is missing.


  • Leave lights on possibly a radio on also while you’re away, especially at dark.


  • Set the light timers so they come on at all different times.


  • Never place a key on the outside of your home.  If you feel you must keep a spare key hidden then make sure it’s in a very uncommon place.


  • Stop all deliveries while you’re gone.


  • Have someone or hire a company to take care of your lawn, snow removal.  Ask a trusted neighbor to get rid of any unsolicited mailings and take in the newspaper.


  • Have someone take your mail and newspapers in daily or stop these deliveries as well.


  • If you have a trusted neighbor tell them you are going away and ask them to watch your home.  Leave a key so they can enter the home if there’s an emergency or even turn lights off and on periodically.


  • Upon your return, inspect your home.  Look to see if items are missing or unwanted entry was done.  If you do find something out of sorts, call the police immediately.   If this happens you may want to wait outside so you don’t disturb a possible crime scene.  


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