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Dorm Room Safety

Dorm Room Safety

As much as we want our children to go to college and live on campus to get a meaningful enriched education, statistics show that students are constantly victims of crime.  Awareness of risk and being proactive in steps to protect oneself while at school is very important. 



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  • Never leave your dorm room unlocked, even if you only plan on being away for a minute.  Your dorm room key is sacred, never give it to anyone.   When sharing a dorm room with others, make sure they understand the risks of this behavior as well.  If your keys should become lost or stolen, replace the door locks immediately.  While sleeping, never leave your door unlocked for your roommate.  Make sure they have a key!


  • It’s good practice to leave a copy of your school and work schedule with a friend and family members.  This allows others the possibility of knowing your whereabouts. 


  • If your dorm room door doesn’t have a deadbolt, have one installed.  A peephole is an added plus as well.  Never open your door for anyone unless you know actually who it is. 


  • Lock your windows and doors every night no matter what floor you are on.  Don’t be fooled, your room can be entered even when not on the ground floor.


  • Utilizing door and window alarms that emit a loud sound can protect you from unwanted intruders.


  • Conceal any money or valuables.  Keep your valuables out of site.  Diversion safes are a great way to hide your belongings as their looks are of ordinary every household item.


  • Carry self defense sprays on you at all times.  Have one handy in your dorm room, and carry another with you at all times while walking on campus.  There are many styles to choose from, some are disguised as lipstick, pens and even jewelry.  They all are very compact and can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag.  Disabling an attacker with one spray is all it takes to temporarily disable. 


  • Program your cell phone with emergency numbers; know where all the emergency telephones or fire alarms are within your dorm and around campus. 


  • Walking the staircase alone can be a very dangerous area.  Stairwells are commonly used by attackers to trap a victim.  If you find while waiting for the elevator that you don’t feel right about who's on, don’t board it, wait for the next one.  If you are on the elevator ad someone boards you don’t feel comfortable with, get off.  Always trust your instincts, never under estimate yourself when it comes to safety. 


Stay cautious at all times, if you feel the least bit threatened call someone for help immediately.  Do not take your personal protection for granted.  While being away from home and staying at college it’s exciting.  Just be smart about it, stay alert, pay close attention to your surroundings and carry your self defense spray with you always.