Protection for your car is just as important! One touch operation is at your fingertips. Don't drive off without it.
Affordable Security Protection for your Home
The College Survival Kit comes with all the necessary protection devices for your student
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           ALARMS - HOME                              DEADBOLT LOCKS

       ALARMS - PERSONAL                           DOG REPELLENTS

                BATONS                                             HOLSTERS

             BEAR SPRAY                                    LCD MONITORS

     CAMERA ACCESSORIES                                  LIGHTS

         CAMERA BULLET                                  PEPPER SPRAY

      CAMERA DAY/NIGHT                     PEPPER SPRAY/FOB LABS

          CAMERA DOME                              PEPPER SPRAY/SABRE

         CAMERA DUMMY                                           

         CAMERA HIDDEN                                       SCANNERS

       CAMERA INFRARED                              SPORTING GOODS

      CAMERA REAR VIEW                                   STUN GUNS

     CAMERA SUNGLASSES                              SURVEILLANCE

           CAR SAFETY                                            SURVIVAL

         CHILD SAFETY                                            TASER®