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A hidden camera that records onto itself. The hidden "nanny" camera records onto a common SD card up to 8 GB in storage space (or about 20 hours).

These nanny cams with superior technology have a built in DVR which means  no separation of recording device. No cables or wires to run. A truly self contained recording system.

Reviewing video is a snap.  You can set it up to record only upon detection of motion. All of our nanny cams feature motion-activated recording that starts as soon as motion is detected. Saves valuable space.

Need Motion Activation Recording? 


You can take the SD card out of the camera and view it on your computer. You can also connect the hidden camera directly to your TV and view the recorded video.

The use of these hidden cameras is endless.  excellent for nanny care, office security, hospital or hospice care, rest homes, home alone children, apartments, burgular entry, and more!  

These cameras are portable and can travel with you easily.  Watch the maid at the hotel you may be staying at, are they looking through or taking any of your belongings?

The nanny cam with SD card is a self contained unit for specific target areas. Use as many as you need.  No restriction on how many can be used in any one area.  Simple instructions are included.

These camera are Plug-n-Play. Place where you need it, plug it in and hit record.  You are done!

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Fully Functional as a Smoke Detector!

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