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Burglar Proof Your Home

Burglar Proof Your Home

It's very easy for the common criminal to burglarize your home and for this it's the most common crime happening today.  To help the prevention in your home or apartment from being burglarized here are some extra precautions you can take to help you from becoming a victim.




  • Light up the Exterior of your home.
    Well-lit exterior lighting is very important as it doesn’t provide the burglar anywhere to hide while trying to enter the home.  Keep scrubs and bushes trimmed down and remove any items that may allow a criminal to be concealed. 


  • Never, never, never keep your windows and doors unlocked.  As much as we all like to believe that we live in a "safe" neighborhood, there's no such thing in today's world.  It's a matter of minutes for a criminal to enter your home, lock all doors and windows even if you are only leavng for a short time.  


  • Package deliveries, never leave notes for the delivery man.  If you are expecting a package delivery and know you will not be at home to accept it, don’t leave a note for the driver, instead call the delivery company and have that package put on hold or entrust a neighbor to receive the package for you.   


  • While on vacation, take necessary precautions to secure your home.  It is wise to stop all mail deliveries, newspaper deliveries for that specific time you will be away.  Having overflowing mailboxes and newspapers strewn all over the front lawn is a clear indication no one has been home for a while.   


  • Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on social networks as Face book and the like.  Personal privacy is a major concern on social network sites, keep your plans to yourself, upon your return then you can post all those great pics!   


  • Setting many timers on your lighting while you are away.  It is best to purchase those that have more than one setting so you can allow the lighting to come on at different intervals.  You do not want the lights to go on and off at the exact same time every day. Well lit house makes for a well occupied house!


As the above tips are great, think in terms of being civic-minded.  Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for any suspicious activities, and ask neighbors to practice this as well.  The neighborhoods that exude a strong sense of community may be least likely to have burglaries occur.  Keeping an eye out for each other protects you and them!





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