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Sound Sentry XL

Sound Sentry XL
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Sentry XL
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Protect your home, valuables and most importantly -your family with the amazing Sound Sentry XL. 

It is a portable recordable motion alarm that you can place anywhere, your home, your office, your car - anywhere! Inexpensive and has hundreds of uses. 

With the included removable sticky pads you can stick it to any flat surface (such as a wall) or use the included stand to place it on the floor or a table. Press the record button to record any sound, from alarm sounds to dogs barking to a verbal warning - anything you can think of! 

The sound plays when anything moves within 11 feet of the sensor. 

Runs on plain AAA batteries.

Compare to other motion alarms that can't be moved, require installation and force you to use the built-in sound. 

  • Easily protect your home or valuables from burglars or tampering!
  • Leave messages for family or friends when you are away from home or your office
  • Teach your dog to stay off the couch or out of the trash!

The Sound Sentry XL offers all of the above features and more at a price *one quarter* of typical motion alarms.

Leaving messages for people is sometimes cumbersome and ineffective. Sticky notes are too small and get lost. Friends forget to pass on messages. And message boards are just plain ignored! There has to be a better way!

Well, now there is!

It is a small, electronic, motion detection device that records your own voice and plays it back when someone or something passes in front of it.

Simply record your message into the Sound Sentry XL, leave it in the right spot, and the motion detection system guarantees your message will be heard every time.

Never worry about lost or missed messages again! Now you can leave messages for your spouse and kids in the bathroom or at the front door.

At the office, you can use the Sound Sentry XL in the break-room to leave messages for coworkers. The Sound Sentry XLs motion detector can even be used to deliver a warning message to your pet to stay off the couch or out of the trash.

There are thousands of possibilities! It is a portable motion alarm, it is a memo pad, it is a door bell, it is a personal trainer for your dog.

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