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SORRY! NO SHIPMENTS of Pepper Spray products to HI, IL, MI, NJ, RI, WI or outside the USA! MA and NY must purchase from a licensed firearms dealer in that state!

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  • 35 year track record - Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!
  • Protection Against Multiple Threats – SABRE Key Chains contain 25 bursts!
  • Best 3rd Party Endorsement Obtained 
  • Reliability NOT Variability 
  • Industry Endorsement 
  • Winner & Chosen Brand 
  • Domestic Credibility - Environmental Protection Agency Establishment
  • International Credibility - Health Canada Establishment
  • Added Bonus - Ultraviolet marking dye aids in suspect identification
  • Superior Quality - SABRE products are test fired & checked for leakage before leaving the factory


Security Equipment Corporation’s product divisions include:

  • SABRE Pepper Sprays – Compact key chain sprays with 15 seconds of spray – 3x’s More! Key Ring, Pocket, Athletic, Tactical, Magnum & Home Defense Options!
  • SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program – Be Smart – Be Ready – Be Safe! A simple and affordable solution to keep you and your family safe!
  • FRONTIERSMAN BEAR ATTACK DETERRENT – The Only Bear Spray that fires 35 Feet! – When Only The Best Will do!
  • SABRE OC for First Responders – Crossfire maximizes target acquisition! From disguised models for detectives to large containers for crowd control, professionals count on SABRE daily.

Why Pepper Spray? Extremely practical, inexpensive and easy to use, SABRE provides comfort and peace of mind. When eye contact is made, involuntary eye closure provides the opportunity for escape even if the threat is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or is emotionally disturbed. The biggest advantage pepper spray provides is the ability to protect at a safe distance. Even the smallest SABRE key chain Pepper Sprays spray ten (10) feet and contain 3x's more bursts to provide protection against multiple threats if need be. Finally, pepper sprays are legal to posses in all 50 states* and do not require special skill or extensive strength to use.

Why SABRE? Performance! For over 35 years, SABRE's delivered the best. Law enforcement agencies worldwide chose SABRE for their officers. Some of the most prestigious departments in the United States depend on SABRE including the US Customs & Border Protection, New York Police Department & Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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